Michalle McMillan


The Lord has blessed me much. I am married and have raised 8 kids – Kids and Step Kids. I have 10 Grandsons, 2 Granddaughters, and 1 Great Granddaughter on the way, come June. I am retired and I live in the North woods of Montana where I serve the Lord!

A little over 10 years ago I decided to take a missionary course, planning on going to Africa on a mission trip. Upon completion the Lord had other plans and told me that I was to serve Him here – wondering what that entailed, but not for long.

A friend and brother in Christ drowned in the Flathead Lake… There were not enough responders to cover a lake that size. Thus I became a member of LCSAR, and later also FCSAR. A K9 team was needed to help and the Lord promptly raised my hand!

Now I am a Trainer and a Responder with 2 certified CzechShepherds and a Mal Pup I have started, to fill in for my 9 year old, which will be retiring to Water HRD shortly.

I am also a certified Tracker and Trainer for JHPTS, and am certified and studying to be a Trainer for “Managing Land Search Operations”.

I serve as an EMT, with Olney, MT “Fire and Rescue” on a wonderful Ambulance team!

“As The Lord Leads”! He has blessed me with good health and I love His Retirement plan for me!