Cris and Zig

Cris Goodhue

Instructor/Trainer/Certified SAR Dog Handler/BOD-President

Cris and her husband, Bob lived in Wyoming for 20 years and moved to Avon Montana in 2000. Cris has been training dogs since 1985. She taught obedience classes and trained rottweilers for weight pull competition. She began training search and rescue dogs in 1989 with her first German Shepherd. She has trained and certified three of her own dogs and has a passion for sharing her knowledge with other people and has an endless desire for training search dogs.

As her enthusiasm grew, she founded High Country Search Dogs in 1993. High Country successfully served Montana, Wyoming, and several other states in search and recovery missions. As her success as a handler became more well-known, she formed High Country K9 and began to instruct SAR seminars throughout the western U.S. The training program Cris has developed reveals her understanding of the focus, drive and commitment necessary in a SAR dog. She has a teaching gift that allows her to see the progression of a dog and bring it to its full potential. Her ability to communicate the nuances and techniques of each SAR discipline works to help her students create successful working dog teams.

Cris has a strong relationship with Christ and believes that like Him, our dogs have a gentle and wise spirit, they are constant in their affection towards us, and they are a comfort in times of trouble. God reveals Himself to us through them and they do their job on earth perfectly.

And a team was born ….

Shekinah K-9 evolved with dog handlers from Montana, Washington and Colorado who share a common vision. Their goal is to combine expertise in search dog training with their desire to share the love of God. The result… a platform for educational seminars, and for ministry as well as an expert team for deployment across the nation.

Our Team